Back-to-school Plans for a Simpler, Slower September

Back-to-school Plans for a Simpler, Slower September


Get super clear about how you want this new season to unfold. In one hour, we'll work together to make an actionable plan for all those nitty-gritty details stuck in your head: driving, lunches, clothes, new teachers, school supplies, full mornings, early bedtimes, time for self-care etc. etc. etc This call is for busy, overwhelmed parents who want more clarity and direction as they prepare for the new school year.

Picture: Meagan Rose Wilson replace overwhelm with rhythm, routine & ritual

A little more about me

I’m Meagan! I’m a mother of four, an author and an entrepreneur. I’m passionate about helping busy Moms feel in control, supported and seen.

Want to go from chaos to calm?

There is a system for everything. Consistent routines, rhythms and rituals are your anchors.

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